Healthy Snack Ideas For Moms On The Go

Healthy Snack Ideas For Moms

Every mother knows the importance of eating healthy snacks and meals throughout the day. Low calorie snack and protein bars provide energy a busy mother needs while limiting calorie consumption to help her maintain a healthy weight. Gluten free healthy snacks and bars are also becoming increasingly popular.

Healthy snack ideas squeezed into a busy schedule can help prevent unhealthy binges a mother may experience at the end of the day if she’s gone all day skipping meals. Research has even found that women who eat healthy snacks at regular times throughout the day have a better chance of maintaining a healthy weight.

Often times, however, many mothers find themselves rushing from one place to another while making sure everyone else is taken care of that she becomes too busy to make time for herself to eat a healthy snack let alone a low calorie or gluten free snack.

Skipping meals, as we know, can lead to major health consequences if we’re not careful. For one, it can slow down your metabolism. Your metabolism is your body’s way of breaking down food. When a mother skips meals, her metabolism is at rest, which can lead to food taking longer to break down in her body when she finally does eat. A lower metabolism is one of the least desired consequences that results from skipping meals. So if a woman is trying to lose weight, skipping meals may likely sabotage her weight loss efforts.

Other consequences include feeling tired or sluggish, inadequate nutrition, and the risk of developing diabetes later in life. When a mother skips a meal her blood sugar drops, which often leaves her feeling tired and sluggish. Chronically skipping meals can also lead to the development of diabetes later in life if a mother isn't careful.

Eating a healthy snack regularly can help keep cravings under control and up the nutritional quality of your diet. Research has found that the healthiest diets consumed 36% more snacks than the average consumer. Choosing a healthy snack that is also low in calories can help give a mother the energy she needs throughout her day, while decreasing over calorie consumption. Unfortunately, many snack foods that portray themselves as healthy snack ideas are actually full of sugar, calories, and processed carbs. It makes it difficult for a mother to find a healthy low calorie snack that is also gluten free. So how does a mother find a healthy snack that is really healthy, low in calories, AND gluten free?

Luckily, Toosum snack bars are a healthy, gluten free and low calorie snack for mothers on the go. They can be easily dropped into a purse, gym bag, or even diaper bag to be enjoyed anywhere. Toosum snack bars are gluten free and only 100 calories per serving. Inspired by healthy ingredients from around the world, Toosum snack bars come in a variety of options:

Inspired by the South Pacific is the Coconut and Chamomile Snack Bar

Inspired by South America is the Cranberries and Acai Snack Bar

Inspired by the Mediterranean is the Blueberries and Greek Yogurt Snack Bar

Inspired by Asia is the Cherries and Plum Snack Bar

Although every Toosum snack bar is inspired from various parts around the world, all Toosum snack bars are proudly made in the USA.

Take the Toosum challenge today by adding a Toosum snack bar to help you boost your energy and manage your busy schedule.


We know you’re careful about what you eat at meal times—lots of veggies, healthy protein, complex carbs. But snack time can be tricky because many “healthy” snack bars out there are loaded with sugar and calories or packed with preservatives and other ingredients concocted in a lab, not a kitchen.

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