5 Annoying Traits of Energy Bars and How to Find The Winning Solution

Annoying Traits of Energy Bars

Healthy snack bars are a popular food item not just among workout-aholics, but among working mothers, busy professionals and people on the go. Many energy bars, however, fall flat when it comes to taste, quality, and health benefits. Some energy bars look healthy, but are loaded with too much processed ingredients. Other snack bars can not withstand the beating it takes when transported into your gym bag or purse. What are the five annoying traits of energy bars and how do you find the one energy bar that stands up to the test?

1. Not so natural ingredients

Sometimes energy bars are labeled as healthy, but their ingredient list displays otherwise. Avoid energy bars with impossible to pronounce ingredients in the label. A good rule of thumb: if the ingredients are so hard to pronounce that it might as well be Greek, then it’s best to avoid and find something else. Instead look for an snack bar with natural ingredients (that you can pronounce). Toosum snack bars not only list their easy to pronounce ingredients, but the health benefits of every ingredient as well.

2. Taste like bark

Energy bars try to build a reputation to be a healthy snack, but far too many build a reputation of poor taste. Energy bars which include natural flavors, like real fruit rather than processed ones, can make a healthy snack transform into a tasty treat. The solution: Toosum snack bars add a wide range of natural and tasty flavors to their energy bars to not only enhance the nutritional value of their healthy snacks, but the quality of taste as well. From Acai Berries, Cranberries, Coconut, Chia Seeds, and more, every Toosum bar is loaded with nutrition AND taste.

3. Hard as a rock

Since energy bars are intended to be eaten on the go, without refrigeration and long shelf life, sometimes the texture can feel as hard as a rock. Eating a healthy snack after a workout, shouldn’t have to be a workout of it’s own. Luckily, Toosum snack bars are made with Gluten Free Oats and other natural ingredients to give it a quality texture and taste.

4. Too soft and mushy

At the other end of the spectrum are energy bars which become too mushy and crumble to bits in any environment. Energy bars should be made to handle your busy life adventures so it can be ready to give you the energy you need when you need it on the go. toosum bars, on the other hand, survives the challenges of being tossed into a diaper bag, gym bag, or any bag that fits your life while still maintaining that quality taste you crave from a healthy snack.

5. Filled with too many calories and unwanted ingredients

Energy bars are revered as healthy snacks, but taking a closer look at the nutritional label, one may discover that their energy bar is filled with more calories and sugar than their favorite candy bar. Energy bars can appear deceptive to gluten intolerant consumers as well, or ones trying to reduce calorie intake for weight loss. Always read the nutritional label, especially if it claims to be a “healthy snack.”

Luckily, Toosum snack bars are a healthy, gluten free and low calorie snack that can withstand the challenges life brings while on the go without losing quality or taste. They can be easily dropped into a purse, gym bag, or even diaper bag to be enjoyed anywhere. Toosum snack bars are also gluten free and only 100 calories per serving. Inspired by healthy ingredients from around the world, Toosum snack bars come in a variety of options:

Inspired by the South Pacific is the Coconut and Chamomile Snack Bar

Inspired by South America is the Cranberries and Acai Snack Bar

Inspired by the Mediterranean is the Blueberries and Greek Yogurt Snack Bar

Inspired by Asia is the Cherries and Plum Snack Bar

Although every Toosum snack bar is inspired from various parts around the world, all Toosum snack bars are proudly made in the USA.

Take the Toosum challenge today by adding a Toosum snack bar to help you boost your energy and support your life adventures


We know you’re careful about what you eat at meal times—lots of veggies, healthy protein, complex carbs. But snack time can be tricky because many “healthy” snack bars out there are loaded with sugar and calories or packed with preservatives and other ingredients concocted in a lab, not a kitchen.

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