Exercise Your Way To Health and Wellness

Exercise Your Way To Health and Wellness

Health awareness caresses the minds and everyday lifestyle decisions of the American population. To this effect, workout plans and exercise collectively is gaining ground around the globe.  Workout plans are designed to help men, women and bodybuilders develop lean muscles and burn fat, essentially to lose ‘unhealthy’ weight. A workout plan is a trending market in many lives. The wind of lifestyle modification has never swept stronger across the nation. 

There are different types of workouts. Including but not limited to; muscle building, toning, weight loss, and cross training.

Muscle building is practically a set of workouts geared to strengthen and give appreciable bulk to muscle, essentially using resistance themed exercise routines.

The toning of muscle is achieved by imploring moderate resistance training and increasing the number of reps in each set.

Weight loss is the prime reason behind health decisions to work out and exercise more often. It requires using much less resistance and increasing the number of reps in each set.

Cross training is an effective routine for a complete and balanced fitness program.                          

It plays a vital role in building muscles, fat loss, increasing strength, performance and, of course, improving overall health.

How to effectively incorporate Work Outs in your routine?

By definition, a habit is formed within three weeks after you hit the ground running with your selected workouts.  The habit should be as common as charging your phone when there is only one bar of battery life remaining.  Twenty-one days of consistency equals a new habit or guilty pleasure.  Which one will you choose?

You will have to create ways to make working out fun for w while until it becomes a part of your weekly routine. Write down very clear and realistic goals.  Make sure to keep your schedule a bit flexible and accept the fact that you don’t have to do a strict work out every day. Working out three to five days a week will suffice.  Simply vary the routine, avoid monotony and boredom as much as possible.

After workouts, step down the adrenaline pump with some ‘cool down’ routines. This helps to replenish the body and reduces the chance of muscle soreness. Cool down by stretching and hydrating.

The best time to work out is literally anytime that suits you. The important thing to remember is to include a healthy diet as part of your new lifestyle regime.

The repair of damaged muscles after a workout requires fueling yourself with water, vitamins and protein.  A perfect solution for post-workout nutrition is the Toosum snack bar.  It is a smart choice as it is a quick snack packed with carbs.  Each bar is only 100 calories; they are nutritious, gluten free, vegetarian and delicious!  By the way, three of their four flavors are dairy-free!

Gluten-free is a booming niche in the food industry, due to a large scale of research which concludes that 1 in 133 Americans is allergic to gluten. Celiac disease is a condition primarily due to a reaction from gluten in foods. Ideal meals for individuals with Celiac disease should not include rye, wheat, barley or processed foods. Celiac disease diet food must be gluten-free and should be made up of fruits, vegetables, and sea foods. This modified diet is a balanced substitute that helps remain clear of unhealthy oils and carbohydrates, to aid in weight loss.

To assist with a gluten-free diet, Toosum is a good and sensible snack bar that is nutritious and they come in a variety of flavors such as:

Greek Yogurt and Blueberries

Chamomile & Coconut

Cranberries and Acai 

Cherries and Plums

The Toosum snack bars are a healthy alternative to any meal; they may be eaten before and after exercises, they are great for breakfast or for people on the go. 

A healthy balance is a controlled consumption approach while eating various types of nutritious foods.

 "Health and Wellness will become the world’s largest industry, accounting for global consumers’ single largest expenditure."

-Intuit 2020 Report


 "Health and Wellness not only redefines consumer lifestyles, but has transformed the marketplace along the way."  -Hartman Group


We know you’re careful about what you eat at meal times—lots of veggies, healthy protein, complex carbs. But snack time can be tricky because many “healthy” snack bars out there are loaded with sugar and calories or packed with preservatives and other ingredients concocted in a lab, not a kitchen.

Say Hello to Toosum!

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