Gluten Free Snacks: It Has Never Been More Glamorous to Eat Gluten Free

Glamorous to Eat Gluten Free

Many A-list celebrities such as, Scarlett J., Lady G., Billy Bob T. and front line athletes, N. Djokovic, D. Brees, V. Williams, are cutting gluten from their diets in search of optimum health and wellness.

Gluten-free products are now prevalent in the marketplace. It has never been easier to pursue a regime of gluten-free eating.

Having just returned from my local supermarket, where gluten-free cornflakes were prominently displayed, I wondered if cornflakes were always free of gluten or if this version has somehow been cleverly modified to rid the unwanted protein.

Some nutritionists argue that often what has been left out of a product in an attempt to make it healthier is not necessarily as important as what has been put in. 

A little research reveals the fact that gluten is present in grains such as wheat, barley and rye, which in themselves would not be difficult to avoid.  However, the intensive and complex manufacturing methods used to produce modern foods results in gluten being a common additive in everyday food items. There is no gluten in corn; however, cornflakes may contain it as one of their many ingredients.

Particularly in relation to one hugely popular snack bar. Toosum is a staple that athletes and health conscious celebrities eat as a nutritious snack. This bar is a combination of good nutrition, great taste, and it comes in four great flavors that are gluten-free, dairy free and the fact that it is only 100 calories as an added bonus!

So what ingredients make the Toosum snack bars so delicious? 

The answer:  

All natural ingredients that provide unique flavor, sweetness and texture. 

The ingredients that go into all four flavors of snack bars:  

Gluten free oats, Greek yogurt, blueberries, acai berries, cranberries, cherries, plums, coconut, chamomile, chia seeds, cashew butter, chicory root, sunflower seeds and almonds.

Toosum snack bars are more than a time-saving strategy or an excuse to skip a proper meal. Whether choosing a gluten-free diet as a matter of choice, following the fashion trend, or acting on medical advice to avoid aggravating food allergies, you will find that healthy eating alternatives are available in the form of highly nutritious snack bars, as well as many other yummy products.

What are the essential elements of a gluten-free diet?

Fresh, unprocessed food: meat, fish, poultry, as well as fruit and vegetables, fresh eggs, beans, seeds and nuts, most dairy products. Avoid anything overly processed or rich with additives. 

To stay on a path to optimum health and wellness, eating gluten-free will make you feel better. Now combine that with a consistent fitness program to make you feel stronger, in great shape and you have yourself in a more healthy body and mind.

No wonder many stars and athletes are going gluten-free!

Just so you know you are not alone and that it is actually cool to be on this so trending diet. 

Here is a list of celebrities who follow a gluten-free diet: 

Al Roker, television weather presenter

Billy Bob Thorton, actor

Dannii Minogue, singer/songwriter

Gwenyth Paltrow, actress, cookbook author

Ian Somerhalder, actor

Ingrid Michaelson, singer

Jennie Garth, actress – from an article in People Magazine

Jessica Alba, actress

Lady Gaga, singer

Miley Cyrus, singer/actress

Miranda Kerr, supermodel

Rachel Weisz, actress

Selma Blair, actress

Victoria Beckham, actress and fashionista

And gluten-free athletes:

Amy Yoder Begley (Celiac) - US Olympic Runner

Cedric Benson (Celiac) - NFL

Celebrity Moms with child following GFCF Diet for Autism

Drew Brees  - Super Bowl Winning NFL Quarterback - Sports Illustrated Article

Jenny McCarthy, Actress

Justin Morneau - MLB (gluten/dairy/sugar-free)

Novak Djokovic - Tennis - won 39+ tennis matches after going gluten-free

Raul Ibanez - Philadelphia Phillies Outfielder

Rich Gannon (former NFL Quarterback)'s Daughter, Danielle

Sabine Lisicki - Tennis

Sarah Jane Smith (Celiac) – LPGA

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We know you’re careful about what you eat at meal times—lots of veggies, healthy protein, complex carbs. But snack time can be tricky because many “healthy” snack bars out there are loaded with sugar and calories or packed with preservatives and other ingredients concocted in a lab, not a kitchen.

Say Hello to Toosum!

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