Are your cells regenerating?

Are your cells regenerating? The body, a magnificent creation; a most sophisticated machine with boundless potential. In the case of health, the body repair system is one of amazement. Approximately 37.2 Trillion tiny cells make up our being; each cell living and “breathing” allowing for proper balance and maintenance into our daily life. For instance; the body is one of perpetual regeneration.  Without the process of continual cell turnover within the body – life and death ceaselessly intertwined – the miracle of the human body would not exist.

Coconut or Banana?? How about both!

Coconut? Banana? It's time to try a Toosum coconut banana oatmeal bar. Shredded coconut and sweet, ripe bananas give these 100-calorie gluten-free oatmeal bars their tropical, island-vacation flavor. They’re packed with health benefits that will make you feel ready to take on any adventure.

The Mighty Nutritious Seed.

Sunflowers, how beautiful. Sunflower seeds, how nutritious. The Sunflower is the bright yellow flower that produces grayish-green or black seeds encased in tear-dropped shapes. Did you ever know that these seeds packed an incredible punch of nutrition? Let's take a look.

Real Food VS. Food Like Substances

What is food? Theres real food and then there's “edible food-like substances”, to quote Michael Pollan.

Edible food-like substances are food items which appear to look and taste like food, but really are adulterated, processed and not good for the human organism.

Toxic, Addictive, and Legal - The downfall of human beings

Sugar. 8 times more addictive then cocaine. Horribly debilitating but tastes so good. If there was one culprit to expanding waistlines and rapidly deteriorating health, it would be sugar. Considering that our cells depend on sugar for energy, it makes sense that we evolved an innate love for sweetness.

Toosum Exhibits its Products at the 2016 The Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, California

Toosum is exhibiting at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, CA. The Winter Fancy Food Show is the West Coast’s largest specialty food & beverage trade show, held January 17th through January 19th 2016.

Snack Bar Review: Yum Yum Toosum

A review by Ellen Ross.

I’m always looking for delicious and nutritious snacks and that’s why I was happy to discover Toosum. It got it’s name from the old English word “toothsome” which means temptingly tasty and delicious. So Toosum is just that, and it contains all-natural ingredients from around the planet. It’s a little bar full of global goodness! Plus they are only 100 calories per bar!

Toosum Snack Bars Review

A review by Stephanie Cook

I was recently sent 3 different flavors of  Toosum Snack Bars to try. As a mom on the go and with a toddler who loves snacks, I am always looking for healthy foods for both of us to eat. I was really excited when I was asked to test out the snack bars.

Toosum Snack Bars Fuel IronMan Competitor

Peter Guyer, CEO and Founder of Toosum Healthy Foods, completed the Half Iron Man competition in Kona, Hawaii on May 31.  His main source of energy came from Toosum snack bars, especially the Acai & Cranberry flavor. “Toosum snack bars are a perfect source of quick energy, with its oats, fiber, chia seeds and fruit.  All bars are 100 calories, so I could portion control my energy intake during the race,.” Guyer said.

5 Ways to Get The Most Out Your Workout Following a Workout

The benefits of having workout plans or routines are widely known to help improve your health, give you monster energy, while achieving the figure you desire. Whether your workout plan is designed for a woman or a bodybuilder, ALL post workouts should include a routine of cooling down and replenishing your body with proper nutrition to give you the monster energy you crave and the sculpted results your worked so hard for.

5 Reasons to Go Gluten-Free Even If You’re Not Gluten Intolerant

Gluten-Free has become a hot top in the food industry for many reasons. One major reason is that an estimated 1 in 133 Americans has celiac disease, which is characterized by an intolerance to gluten, or similar proteins in wheat, oats, barley and rye. What’s even scarier is that an estimated 83% of Americans who have celiac disease are not diagnosed or misdiagnosed.

Healthy Snacks Inspired by Japan

Spring is coming, which means the anticipation of blooming are met with the excitement of sunny days and longer daylight hours. It’s also the time of year that many people work hard toward achieving the summer body they desire. While many people incorporate workout regimes into their daily activity, others make it a goal to make moderate changes in their diet such as eating healthy snacks or consuming more high protein foods.

5 Annoying Traits of Energy Bars and How to Find The Winning Solution

Healthy snack bars are a popular food item not just among workout-aholics, but among working mothers, busy professionals and people on the go. Many energy bars, however, fall flat when it comes to taste, quality, and health benefits. Some energy bars look healthy, but are loaded with too much processed ingredients.

ANNOUNCEMENT: toosum Bars Are Now Available On Amazon!!

Toosum healthy snack bars are now available on!  The next time you are shopping on, please add to your order these delicious, gluten-free, all-natural, 100-calorie snack bars which provide GLOBAL GOODNESS.


We know you’re careful about what you eat at meal times—lots of veggies, healthy protein, complex carbs. But snack time can be tricky because many “healthy” snack bars out there are loaded with sugar and calories or packed with preservatives and other ingredients concocted in a lab, not a kitchen.

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