Oh, Natural: Organically American Energy Bars

Toosum was featured in the Winter 2016-2017 issue of The Natural Food Exporter:

A premier natural snack bar company called Toosum™ operates out of Seattle, WA and specializes in gluten-free, non- GMO oatmeal bars. In a recent telephone interview, I spoke with Founder & Chief Executive Officer Peter M. Guyer. Toosum’s™ CEO told me that “Toosum is the only 100 calorie, gluten-free oatmeal bar on the market. They are certified non- GMO, gluten-free, Kosher, all-natural, and contain no preservatives. Our bars also have a high degree of fiber which keeps you satiated longer. They are also very heart- healthy and contain high anti-oxidants. Our oatmeal bars have high protein levels due to the nuts in every bar. Finally, all our bars have various fruits which contain anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Overall, Toosum™ bars are a great, convenient, quick, on-the-go, healthy, snack bar”.
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Health and Wellness Goals Increase Along with Supply and Demand for Healthy Snacks

Supply & Demand for Healthy Snacks

It is no wonder that the consumer has become increasingly health conscious. Hardly anyone wants to compromise their health when it comes to buying products at retail or grocery store chains.  It is becoming more and more important for grocery management  to find products that fit the needs of their customers.

Food allergies have become a common problem that customers’ face. Many people that have become allergic to gluten rely on grocery stores to supply a variety of gluten free foods and healthy snacks. From a grocery owner’s point of view, they want to find various foods that address their customers’ issues regarding health and wellness.  They are in search for the gluten and dairy free products that will satisfy their customer’s needs.

Toosum has a nice line of gluten and dairy free, healthy snacks that are gaining in popularity among consumers. The delicious taste and the enriched ingredients are constantly attracting customers around the globe. Their highly nutritious, low calorie, snack bars are also healthy snacks for kids as well.

Gluten and dairy free products are constantly growing in the grocery chains, considering the fact that many customers are allergic to gluten. Toosum is the product that not only contains healthy ingredients, but they are tasty at the same time.

Toosum has their bases covered when it comes to addressing the issues of allergies, diabetics and celiac disease. The credibility and popularity of the healthy snacks have already been around the globe and is in high demand in the United States, as well as in Europe and other Asian countries.

Toosum is receiving tremendous reviews from grocery chains where they are sold. Customers are looking for healthy snacks for kids and people of all ages. A snack bar they can eat on the go.

The healthy snacks are manufactured with the highest standards. With the overwhelming responses from consumers, manufacturing is busy to keep up with the supply and demand.

This is certainly a product that is being endorsed for health and wellness throughout society. Grocery store chains look for established brands that are desired and supported by their consumers. High standards in terms of manufacturing, shipping and delivery is extremely important

High standards in terms of manufacturing, shipping and delivery is extremely important to their business, grocers may receive this and more when they carry Toosum snack bar in their stores.

With the increased interest of grocery store chains across the world, better days have arrived for those allergic to gluten, diabetes and those diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

It is time to say goodbye to allergies and hello to a happier and healthier life!


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The Startup Hour will quickly become one of the fastest growing reality shows on television.

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Peter Guyer, of “toosum Healthy Foods, LLC” was featured in the video trailer of the show because of his unique and delicious healthy snack bars and his compelling business proposition.”

Toosum Helps to Reduce Health Issues in the Middle East

Toosum Helps to Reduce Health Issues in Middle East

In 2013, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region registered the highest rate of obesity worldwide, with 58% of men and 65% of women age 20 and older classified as either overweight or obese.1 More than two-thirds of the countries in MENA posted overweight and obesity prevalence rates of more than 50% for both men and women.  

The countries in the region which have gained the most weight in the past three decades, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait.  Unfortunately, the Middle East has one of the highest rates of child and adolescent obesity in the world, particularly among girls. In absolute numbers, there are now 79 million obese people and 180 million overweight people living in the MENA region.

Obesity is taking a particular toll on Arab women, with 45.3% of Qatari and 44% of Saudi Arabian women being obese.2 Over the last three decades there has been a big shift in diet in the Middle East, with Western food, some of which is high in calories, fat and sugar, increasing in popularity, particularly as more women are entering the workforce and fast food is replacing traditional home-cooked food.

The opportunities to exercise in public are extremely limited for women living in many Middle Eastern countries due to cultural factors such as accepted dress codes and modest conduct. The fuller figure is seen as a desirable trait in women in the Middle East, being considered a thing of beauty and higher social standing.

International fast-food chains, easy access to cars, and the popularity of cheap, processed food in supermarkets have all contributed to Arab and Gulf countries’ dramatic waistline expansion.

This high prevalence of obesity has paralleled the rise of diabetes and hypertension.  The MENA region is reported to have the highest prevalence of diabetes in adults in the world, at 10.9%.

Low-sugar, low-calorie snack foods such as toosum snack bars can help reduce obesity and diabetes.  

Of course, a well-balanced diet and adequate exercise are necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

With Toosum’s launch at the Gulfood show in Dubai last week, consumers in the MENA region will soon have the opportunity to begin purchasing healthier snack options.

1 “Global Incidence of Obesity Skyrockets, Highest Rate in the Middle East,” nuviun digital health, 8 June, 2014

2 “Obesity in the Middle East: A Serious public health concern and initiatives to improve diet and physical activity,” BMJ Blogs, 18 June, 2014

Global Goodness for Gluten-Free Bars

Global Goodness for Gluten-Free Bars

Toosum started from the notion that we’re a community of global citizens

Global Goodness Toosum founder, Peter Guyer, spent years opening new world markets in the food industry.

Through his work, he realized people the world over want delicious snacks that taste good and are truly healthy. He discovered that every region has its own natural treasures to share – from Asia’s sweet cherries to South America’s uplifting Acai berries and Chia seeds.

Peter wanted to share the goodness found in these unique ingredients with people everywhere, so he created Toosum Healthy Foods.


ACCJ Journal "Getting The Seal of Approval"


ACCJ Journal

Reprinted from the ACCJ Journal, April 2014 "Getting The Seal of Approval" by Julian Ryall

“We are a new brand and Japan was the country we had in mind when we designed our health bars,” said Peter Guyer, chief executive officer of Toosum Healthy Foods LLC, which takes its name from the old English word “toothsome” [temptingly tasty].

“The health bars are low in sugar and although we only launched in September, we wanted to come here early to establish a presence,” Guyer said.

The gluten-free and non-GMO bars are high in fiber and contain no preservatives, making them ideal for everyone, including professionals in need of a healthy snack and mothers making school lunches for their children, Guyer explained.

According to Guyer, this sector of the food market is worth $12 billion a year worldwide and is growing at a remarkable 12 percent a year, making it a hugely attractive proposition.

“We have appointed a distributor and we are attracting interest from a retailer. We really think that Japan could be a $1 million-a-year market for us within the next three years,” he added.