Supplement Police: Toosum Oatmeal Breakfast Bars – Gluten-Free Nutriti

Following a diet that focuses on whole foods and natural ingredients delivers a wide range of health benefits, from improved digestive function and higher energy levels to weight loss, protection from disease, and reduced inflammation. While preparing wholesome natural meals is relatively simple, it can be difficult to find healthy snacks that don’t contain artificial preservatives, added sugar, or GMO ingredients.

Power bars and energy bars are an extremely popular way to provide the body with extra nutrients while on the go, but finding an option that fits into a healthy macro balance can be frustrating. Many of the power bar options available on the market today contain extremely large amounts of sugar and synthetic ingredients.

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We know you’re careful about what you eat at meal times—lots of veggies, healthy protein, complex carbs. But snack time can be tricky because many “healthy” snack bars out there are loaded with sugar and calories or packed with preservatives and other ingredients concocted in a lab, not a kitchen.

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