Toosum Gluten Free Oatmeal Bars- Each 100-calorie bar contains gluten-free oats, brown rice flour, cashew butter, dried fruit, chia seeds, roasted sunflower seeds, coconut oil and dried fruits, making it a low-sugar nutrition bar ideal for tucking into a little one’s lunch bag. We especially love the Cranberry & Acai flavor, which contains acai powder, dried cranberries and seedless raisins.- NewHope360
 Toosum Bar- we love bars here. Check out my list of gluten free bars here. This bar is tasty and only 100 calories.- Sensitive Mommy
 The toosum is a 100 calorie snack bar made with healthy, globally-sourced ingredients. I got the cherry and plum flavor. This seems like a great thing to stick in your bag for a busy day, which is exactly what I’m going to do with it. toosum bars sell for $1.79 per bar on their website. - A Few of My Favorite New Things
 The last two items were a Figgies & Jammie bar (basically a Fig Newton) and a snack bar from Toosum. These kinds of snacks are always welcome! I was very happy with this month's box, especially since it was a surprise! - Outside the Box
Glad you got the photo - aren't the students adorable? 
What you can't see is that it's about 87 degrees + humidity @ 95%. That's one reason why the Toosum bars were so great: they stayed fresh and tasted great despite the heat.- Cathy - Seattle
 Snack time can be tricky because many “healthy” snack bars out there are loaded with sugar and calories or packed with preservatives and other ingredients concocted in a lab, not a kitchen. Toosum has created gluten free, satisfying snacks that tastes great and gives you all the healthy benefits you expect from the good foods you put in your body.

100-calorie snack bars are made with nutrient-dense (and certified gluten free!) rolled oats, chia seeds, and other delicious ingredients straight from nature, all with benefits that go way beyond their good taste. The bars are available in four flavors:

cherry & plum: Ripe cherries and luscious plums give this bar a summery flavor. GlutenFreeNYC
Finally a Gluten and Dairy Free bar that is wholesome and good! Great variety and freshness. Our kids love these and I feel good about sending them off to school with a granola bar that is healthy and not loaded in sugar and ingredients that I can not pronounce:) - Amazon Review
 These snack bars are great. Not only are they gluten-free and only 100 calories, but they are also filled with great nutrients and fiber. Whenever I have a hankering for a snack bar, these are my go-to because I don't have to suffer the consequences of indulging myself with a snack bar, because they are so good for you and still satisfy that desire to have something quick and easy to eat. Obviously they don't taste as good as those processed bars, but for a product that is this good for you...they taste pretty good! I really enjoy the taste and I don't get an upset stomach after, like I have with other snack bars. This is a great snack bar option and I would encourage you to order some to try for yourself! :) - Chelsie
 Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free & Delicious!!!
I got a cranberry & acai bar in a monthly vegan snack box. By the time I had finished the bar I was on the search to buy more. Before I bought any, I called to company to get verification that they were vegan since it isn't stated on the package. After speaking to them, I know have 2 boxes on the way.
I love fruit bars as a midnight snack and can honestly say that these bars will satisfy my craving. To me this tastes similar to a strawberry Nutri Grain bar, but not a sickeningly sweet. All the flavors blend wonderfully. I could taste a little hint of the backing soda which kind of reminded me of homemade oatmeal cookies. - Vegan Snack Box
Gluten/Dairy Free Solution!So very glad toosum offers snack bars that are gluten AND dairy free, taste good, healthy and are reasonably priced. It's very difficult to find snack foods that meet all of these criteria for those on dairy/gluten free diets. - Amazon Review